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Online Public Access Catalog

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) allows students to search for books in the Yazoo County Middle School Library.

Special Instructions: When you click on the link, select DISPLAY next to Yazoo County Middle School.


Mississippi Alliance for Gaining New Opportunities Through Library Information Access

Mississippi Library Commission
Mississippi Library Commission

Library Bill of Rights
Library Bill of Rights › ADVOCACY › Intellectual Freedom


eBooks are now available! To view the selection of ebooks, click the ebooks link. Next, enter the username and password that is provided below.  Finally, select your ebook and enjoy! Listed below is the selection of ebooks that are available.

username: Yazoo722

password: shelf

List of eBooks:

  • American Citizenship: The American Identity by Jill Sherman

  • Avengers: Even a Hawkeye Can Cry! by Jeff Parker

  • The United States of American: Florida The Sunshine State by John Hamilton

  • Graphic Warfare: Iwo Jima by Joeming Dunn

  • Haunted: Lost in the Dark by Rich Wallace

  • Special Ops: Navy Seals by Lee Slater

  • Sports Trivia: Olympic Trivia by Marty Gitlin

  • Super Awesome Science: The Science of Survival by Therese Nabor

  • Steven Spielberg: Director and Producer of the Jurassic Park Series by Rebecca Felix

  • Women in STEM: Women in Computer Science by Tammy Gagne

2017 Reading Fair Student Guidelines
2017 Reading Fair Student Guidelines

Please click this link to look at the Student Guidelines for the 2017 Reading Fair.