Laritha Owens Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Social Studies



  • Mississippi Valley State University (BS in History)
  • Belhaven University



2013- Taught English Language Arts/Social Studies at Bentonia Gibbs Elementary School

2014- Taught 6th grade Social Studies- YCMS

2015- Taught 7th grade US History Compacted- YCMS

2016- Taught 7th grade US History Compacted

2017-2018- Teaching US History Compacted



I am Laritha S. Owens; the US History Compacted teacher at the great Yazoo County Middle School.  Becoming a teacher was one of my main goals as a child.  Honestly, to me becoming a teacher was on of the greatest accomplishments in my life.  The most important accomplishment was becoming the mother of my wonderful daughter.  Being a mother molded me into being able to understand and meet the needs of every student I have encountered.  I love teaching history.  To me, history is important to know in order to become great in the present and future lifetime.  I am looking forward to meeting my wonderful students; also to having a GREAT 2017-2018 school year!! 


"To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to forever remain a child." -Cicero