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Thank you for visiting the Yazoo County Middle School Library! We are here to encourage the love of reading! If there is anything we can help you with, please contact us!



OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) allows students to search for books in the Yazoo County Middle School Library.

Special Instructions: When you click on the link, select DISPLAY next to Yazoo County Middle School. 



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Mississippi Library Commission 


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eBooks are now available!

To view the selection of ebooks, click the ebooks link. Next, enter the username and password that is provided below.  Finally, select your ebook and enjoy! Listed below is the selection of ebooks that are available.

username: Yazoo722

password: shelf

List of eBooks:

American Citizenship: The American Identity by Jill Sherman

Avengers: Even a Hawkeye Can Cry! by Jeff Parker

The United States of American: Florida The Sunshine State by John Hamilton

Graphic Warfare: Iwo Jima by Joeming Dunn

Haunted: Lost in the Dark by Rich Wallace

Special Ops: Navy Seals by Lee Slater

Sports Trivia: Olympic Trivia by Marty Gitlin

Super Awesome Science: The Science of Survival by Therese Nabor

Steven Spielberg: Director and Producer of the Jurassic Park Series by Rebecca Felix

Women in STEM: Women in Computer Science by Tammy Gagne 

Free Online Novels

This site offers a selection of middle-grade novels in a variety of categories like adventure, mystery, and romance. The books are in PDF format for printing, or you can read them online. The title of the site is a bit misleading: the authors are Catholic, but not necessarily the topics or materials. 

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 Student Resources and Websites



This is a curated site for asking questions in regards to school subjects and disciplines. 


The World Factbook

This is a website for trivial facts. 


Read Write Think

This website has informational text for students. 



This site has free e-books! 


Teen Ink

This website contains book reviews. 


Teen Reads

This site has interesting topics for teens. 


Spark Notes

This site has tons of study guides for a variety of subjects. 


This site offers a large variety of teen and young adult books across many categories. They use Young Adult as the genre on the site, so it's a bit harder to find books of a particular type. If you browse through their selection, though, you're sure to find something that meets your needs. You have to register with the site to view these books, but they're free and presented in PDF format. 


The Children's Library at the Internet Archive

This site offers public domain novels from around the world. These are scans of book pages, but many of them offer a simplified PDF option (look in the left-hand margin after selecting a book to see available formats) that is suitable for printing. 


Open Culture

This site provides links to classic books, including graphic novels, for older readers and there are options for audio, online, or downloadable "reading." 





Info Please 

Ask A Teacher 


Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Tube 

Education World 




Free Primary and Secondary Sources 


Smithsonian Institute 




Purdue Owl 

Teachers Pay Teachers 

Khan Academy 

Kelly Gallagher 

Story Shares

This is a website that has ebooks, as well as, allows students to write their own books. 

The History Channel

This site features numerous historical events which include teacher resources.